Given the current situation with COVID-19 we are opening our factory to public. For the first time, and only while isolation is needed, in an effort to provide you with frozen bread, without the lineups. 1. For sales over $20.00 and up only. 2. We take debit


Dear customer, Given the current everyday changing situation with COVID-19, we thought this was a good time to address some concerns that you might have.  As part of the food supply chain, we have implemented recommended measures to ensure that our customers, as well as our staff

Manoucher Bread around the world – Afghanistan

Hi there! We are starting a new inspirational series at the Manoucher Kitchen. Throughout the year we will be exploring and sharing internationally inspired recipes using our bread. Join us and share your own recipes with us! Today we are sharing a dish inspired by Bolani, a

Entertaining with Manoucher BARBAREE loaf

As the entertaining season continues and reunions get more frequent, it is always helpful to have some new recipes at hand. We have discussed using Manoucher BARBAREE bread as a base for dessert in previous posts. This time we will be topping it with fresh ingredients;

Entertaining with Manoucher FOKACHIO ROMANA

For the upcoming entertaining season, there is nothing easier than the creation of a Charcuterie board. They are a very easy way to offer different flavour profiles to different likes. Any Manoucher flatbread would work for this purpose (Manoucher BARBAREE, Manoucher FOKACHIO, etc) , however, this

Entertaining with Manoucher FOKACHIO loaf

Entertaining season is upon us, and it can sometimes get a bit challenging for those of us less creative on the kitchen front, or when we are running short on time. For the next few posts, we will be sharing some easy ways to set up

Manoucher Folded buns make excellent hot dogs

When the weather is nice and all you want to do is be outdoors, all you want is to have easy foods around. As usual, without compromising quality, Manoucher bread presents our original folded buns. A great alternative for quick hot dogs, or fresh sandwiches, with

Manoucher GARLIC bread sandwich

Our Manoucher Garlic loaf is definitely one to try if you love garlic. Our signature dough is folded around hand chopped garlic chunks drizzled with olive oil and herbs. So it has a very defined flavor on its own. But it is also easily paired with lots of great flavors. To

Manoucher BARBAREE pockets

Hi There! Did you know you can slightly warm up our Manoucher Barbaree and open up a pocket to stuff it with your favourite flavours? We have done this multiple times to complement our salads or stews. And have to say it is such a great

Manoucher FOKACHIO fresh bites

Hi there, welcome back! If you are entertaining, there is nothing easier or more delicious than cutting our Manoucher FOKACHIO loaf into little pieces and topping up with fresh ingredients. Take advantage of the tarragon flavor and pair with: Sliced cherry tomatoes Thinly sliced cucumber Cream cheese Cold cuts Olives Varied kinds