TEEKEH Fresh Sandwich

Anytime is the perfect time to enjoy our Manoucher TEEKEH bread!!! Conveniently pre-sliced, this bread is quick and easy to use, You don't even need to bring a knife! What is in the sandwich: Cold cuts of your preference, we used Prosciutto. Fresh cheese, Bococcini Aurugula leaves Sprinkle some pomegrate Drizzle with Balsamic  

Manoucher Barbaree dressed 9 ways!

Have fun this valentines by dressing the naked BARBAREE 9 ways! Don't stick to a boring breakfast this valentines, mix it up with some fancy toast. Manoucher has dressed the BARBAREE 9 different ways. It is simple, quick and fun to do. Plus, cold dressings don't


National Fun with Fondue Month!

November is National fun with fondue month, and at Manoucher we like to celebrate with our delectable, delicious, hassle-free, fully baked, handcrafted bread slices. Simply cut the slice in 3 and you will be ready for your fondue party. One tray will give you 18


Happy World Pasta Day

#HappyWorldPastaDay #Manoucherbreads #Everydaydelicious #Garliclover Happy World Pasta Day from Manoucher Foods. Enjoy a slice of Manoucher Mediterranean Sunset with your favorite pasta. We call this 'The jewel in the crown'! The sundried tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil blended throughout gives your pasta that extra boost. However if you're a garlic

sandwich manoucher bread

Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Toasted, Roasted, Baked & done, we hope your Thanksgiving was tons of fun. Always wondering what to do with all leftover food? We have some delicious EASY ideas for you to treat yourself.     Firstly, make your very own classic turkey sandwich in a light, healthy, all natural

manoucher cinnamon sweet

Spice up Fall with Manoucher Cinnamon Bread

Autumn is the cooling-off season, but that doesn’t mean we should stay cold! Stay warm this Autumn with a comforting, soothing hot chocolate paired with Manoucher Cinnamon Bread.   We pride ourselves in baking with simple ingredients (wheat flour, water, brown sugar, butter, salt, yeast, cinnamon). Cinnamon is a