our story

For over 40 years, Manoucher bread has been committed to making each loaf by hand with simple, 

clean ingredients – no high-end machines, additives, or preservatives. Our products include loaves, rolls,

buns, sandwich breads, crusts, and flatbreads, and are fully baked and ready to serve cold, thawed, or warmed. 

We supply our finest retail stores, restaurants, hotels, caterers, school programs, and leading airlines.

When Manoucher Etminan, creator of Manoucher Bread, came to Toronto, Canada in 1980, he had one vision: to create a future for himself and his only daughter.

With no prior knowledge in bread making or the food industry in 1983, he made a promise to himself to produce the most authentic handmade breads using only the finest, purest ingredients. Manoucher would be the first to tell you that he wasn’t a baker. Instead, he would say, ‘I am a designer of breads’. 

Today, his vision has evolved into a world-class artisan bakery.

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Our artisan bakery has evolved into a world-class establishment, and we’re proud of every creation.

We’ve expanded into the food service industry, offering worldwide frozen shipping, 

custom product development, and quick turnarounds without compromising 

our expert baker craft and quality.


We’re committed to rising before the sun to make people happy.


Manoucher recognizes a void in good quality bread market and begins experimenting with dough.


Going door to door himself, some of the best specialty food shops in Toronto like David Wood’s, Fenton’s and Pusateri’s (who we still supply) begin taking in fresh handmade breads made, invoiced, and delivered all by Manoucher himself!


Participating in international food shows leads to first shipment to the UK of frozen fully baked Manoucher Bread 1995 – Office in the UK is established to meet the large overseas demand.


Manoucher is honoured with the Skills for Change Entrepreneurial Award for success and achievement


Manoucher Breads begins taking freshness to new heights, by being served on British Airways and other airlines. Became the first artisan bread plant to be HACCP certified – the initial health and safety standard


Manoucher Fine Foods Inc. is featured as a business case study in Canadian University textbook “World of Business” (Fourth edition)


Manoucher wins prestigious awards at the US Food Show (Fancy Food Show), including Outstanding New Product, for Manoucher Garlic Bread


Manoucher Bread requested by the Canadian High Commission in the UK, to be served to the Queen at the Canada House opening


Manoucher is featured in a British Airways Height Cuisine video series, highlighting the bread as designer bread, served on Club and First class


Manoucher Bread gets BRC Certified. Our commitment to quality has always been our top priority.


Manoucher Bread continues to lead the curve, and focus on high quality products, by becoming fully ADA free


Manoucher´s daughter became CEO and continues the legacy of her father.


This year marks 35 years of baking amazing bread for you!


Manoucher Bread celebrated its 40 year anniversary this year We are proud to continue the tradition set before us. All our breads are still handmade, which is still a rarity in our industry.


What makes us and our product unique is our commitment to quality and people. We take pride in employing qualified bakers to create your breads by hand every day. Sourcing the best ingredients to deliver the best possible quality to your door.


We are committed to sourcing the freshest, purest, high quality ingredients working closely with our vendors who understand our integrity and passion for our breads.


We believe customers have the right to see what they are getting. No cover ups, and full transparency with our labelling.


35 years later Manoucher breads are still traditionaly crafted by the hands of our dedicated bakers.


Thanks to our in-our flash-freezing process that ensures 100% freshness as we deliver to your door.