National Fun with Fondue Month!

National Fun with Fondue Month!

November is National fun with fondue month, and at Manoucher we like to celebrate with our delectable, delicious, hassle-free, fully baked, handcrafted bread slices. Simply cut the slice in 3 and you will be ready for your fondue party. One tray will give you 18 individual bitesize pieces.





We suggest tasting Manoucher SUNRISE mixed bread tray. SUNRISE’s bread slices are carefully handcrafted, using only the finest ingredients and the most skilled bakers.


Manoucher Sunrise Mixed bread tray

Cheese & Black Pepper, Sesame & Poppy Seed, Roasted Red Pepper Bread Slices.


Our bakers show true dedication! They arrive early to prepare the dough, kneed and hand-stretch before making the neighbors hungry with the aromas of freshly baked bread.


Alternatively, Manoucher TAMMARA mixed bread tray makes a great selection. Selection contains: TOBBESTUN (topped with roasted red peppers), PERSIAN NOON (a blend of basil & sheep’s milk), TUCCANA (topped with rosemary and onion flakes)

Manoucher Tammara Mixed Bread Tray

Manoucher Tammara Mixed Bread Tray

Contact us today to find out where you can purchase Manoucher bread trays.

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