Entertaining with Manoucher FOKACHIO ROMANA

Entertaining with Manoucher FOKACHIO ROMANA

For the upcoming entertaining season, there is nothing easier than the creation of a Charcuterie board. They are a very easy way to offer different flavour profiles to different likes.

Any Manoucher flatbread would work for this purpose (Manoucher BARBAREE, Manoucher FOKACHIO, etc) , however, this time we have worked with our Manoucher FOKACHIO ROMANA  and it’s rosemary, onion and pepper blend in our favor to have a bolder flavour profile.

What to get:

Pretty much anything you like. Generally, charcuterie boards, offer a combination of cheeses, cold cuts, fresh or dried fruits. So with that in mind, you can quickly put it together with whatever ingredients you have at home or make a special shop for specific ones.

Place on top of your bread and you are done!

ENJOY! and share your charcuterie boards with us!