Dear customer,

Given the current everyday changing situation with COVID-19, we thought this was a good time to address some concerns that you might have.

 As part of the food supply chain, we have implemented recommended measures to ensure that our customers, as well as our staff are safe. 

That will remain our top priority.

 Following the guidance of global health experts (World Health Organization) and Public Health Canada, we are:

– Reminding our employees about frequent hand washing

– We have increased the cleaning and disinfecting of our facility and all equipment

– We have implemented wearing facemasks in the facility at all times and all staff are keeping a safe distance between one another

– All staff has been asked to stay home if they feel sick

– If employees have traveled we have asked them to quarantine for 14 days before coming back to work.

– Our drivers are consistently disinfecting their hands and practice distancing themselves from others while making deliveries


We are all facing uncertain times, but we will continue doing our best to ensure that we can do our part and keep providing you with the goods you and your family need.


Stay safe!