Ted Reader’s creations with Manoucher Bread

As you know,  our dear Ted Reader was at the Manoucher kitchen, preparing his out of this world creations. Read on to see what he was up to: Open-Faced Steak Sandwich: Open-Faced Grilled Rib Steak, Artichoke Chimichurri, Manoucher FOKACHIO ROMANA Bread, Molten Cambazola, ·         Steak spice Ted Reader BBQ

Charcuterie board with Chef’s at Westin

Executive Chef and his team at Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, prepared this amazing Charcuterie board. Manoucher Tamara and Sunrise mixed bread trays , along with other breads, all kinds of cold cuts and cheeses feature on this delicious assemble. Manoucher breads can be used to create amazing

Chef Richard Chambers & Manoucher FLAT CRUST

  Chef Richard's delicious creation on Manoucher FLAT CRUST. CAPICOLLO & RICOTTA Manoucher FLAT CRUST. Sundried tomato sauce. Caramelized onions. Ricotta. Capicollo Spinach Basil Balsamic glaze   RICHARD CHAMBERS  EXECUTIVE CHEF, LA PREP  Chef Richard Chambers has a deep appreciation for International/American cuisine that was developed at a young age immigrating from England and growing up in Toronto, Canada where

Chef Glen Gardner

Glen Gardner and his DELICIOUS BASIL ARTISAN sandwich! We would like to thank Chef Gardner for creating this perfect dish, that highlights our Manoucher BASIL bread. Filled with: Warm goat cheese, grilled vegetables, and roasted tomato jam, served with organic greens, and a trio of beets with apple cider vinaigrette.     GLEN GARDNER EXECUTIVE

Keith Pears and Manoucher TEEKEH bread

Keith Pears and his AMAZING CHICK N´DIP sandwich! We loved it at the office!!! We would like to thank Chef Pears for creating this delicious Sandwich dish and perfectly showing off our Manoucher TEEKEH bread. CHICK N´DIP: Lemon grass chicken thigh, pickled vegetables, cilantro, Thaioli and fried