We’re back in Costco for 2 weeks only! New Vaughan Location

We’re back in Costco for 2 weeks only! New Vaughan Location

Manoucher has carefully selected some of their best handcrafted loaves to share with Costco members.

For TWO WEEKS only (Jan 23rd to Feb 4th 2018), Costco 55 New Huntington Rd, Vaughan, ON, L4L 3M9 will be selling 4 varieties of Manoucher breads.

Did you know all Manoucher breads are HANDCRAFTED with LOVE, using the highest quality, all natural ingredients?!

For 2 weeks only you will find:

Manoucher FOKACHIO Loaf


This handcrafted loaf is brushed with olive oil and tarragon. It goes excellent with soups, cheeses and much more!  A summer favorite is throwing the FOKACHIO on the BBQ with some grilled meats or veg and cheese!



Manoucher BARBAREE bread

#Feta, #Honey, #Butter, #BARBAREE, #TraditionalPersianBread

This long flat bread is sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. The ancient Persian emperors would feast on BARBAREE. Traditionally this bread is enjoyed with feta, butter and a enjoyable drizzle of Honey. Check out some of the ways we have enjoyed Manoucher BARBAREE


Manoucher GARLIC slices

TS001_H_Folded GARLIC Slices S7

Calling all GARLIC lovers! This garlic tray is made with real chunks of fresh garlic, yes I said it REAL chucks- no powder. The best thing is, it’s all ready fully baked, so all you need to do is put it in the oven for a few minutes at 375°F. Enjoy the garlic slices alone or with pasta, soups, cold cuts, dips and much more.

Manoucher SUMMER DREAMS bread

#Roasted Red Peppers, #Folded loaf

Summer is here, at the SUMMER DREAMs is a true delight. this flavorful flour dusted hand folded loaf, is filled with roasted red peppers, herbs and spices. This loaf can be opened up and filled with grill meats or veg  and enjoyed as a sandwich.



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