Love bread? Add it to your Thanksgiving meal!

Love bread? Add it to your Thanksgiving meal!

“If one does not respect bread, one does not respect life.”


We all love bread, some secretly eat it and some freely. So we decided to put together some recipes where you can enjoy Manoucher breads over the Thanksgiving weekend without feeling guilty.


To start of we created French Onion Soup. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting around the dinner table with a hot bowl of aromatic French Onion Soup served with a thick slice on toasted Manoucher Baguette covered with melted gooey cheese sitting on top.




For the main course we incorporated bread through the classic dish- ‘Bread Stuffing’ .


Looking back to the very first Thanksgiving feast, devotedly prepared by pilgrims to give thanks for the hospitality shown them by their Native American hosts, a classic bread stuffing likely factors into the menu.


Did you know in Europe during the Middle Ages, stuffing was known as “farce,” which originated from the French word farcir, which means “to stuff.”  Today “stuffing” is usually found inside the bird, however some have a separate pan of bread, vegetables and spice mixture drenched with turkey drippings. Recipes vary regionally; cornbread dressing is popular in the South, those with an Italian background probably add sausage to their recipe, while German-Americans prefer to mix in dried fruit, potatoes or apples.


In our recipe we have brought regions together, as we added Manoucher bread, apples, sausage , herbs & spices, with turkey drippings.



Even though Thanksgiving dinner is filling and heavy, we all keep a bit of room for dessert.


We kept it quick, easy yet super indulging. Manoucher cinnamon bread is a real treat. Handcrafted, using only the finest ingredients. Brown Sugar and Cinnamon folded into every bite. Top these buns with chopped pecans and maple syrup, place in the oven to melt the syrup. If that’s not sweet enough, feel free to drizzle extra syrup when serving.




Believe it or not you will get fed up of eating left over turkey, weather that be turkey sandwiches or turkey soup. When that time comes our creamy Mac n Cheese topped with herb bread crumbs recipe will come in handy.



All recipes can be found below.

From your Manoucher family we wish you a very happy thanksgiving. Share the love! If you like these recipes, please sure to leave a comment below.



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