Celebrate CANADA’s 150TH BIRTHDAY with a family PICNIC!

Celebrate CANADA’s 150TH BIRTHDAY with a family PICNIC!


Warmer weather is finally here and you have something to celebrate – Canada’s 150th Birthday. We love being a part of Canada’s journey. Since 1983 we have been building our own journey in Toronto.

Canada has many beautiful locations away from all the hustle and bustle! So get outdoors this summer, do a picnic, play some games, and take a refreshing dip in the lake. Find a family favorite spot-or just that romantic place where you & your partner find peace and tranquility.

Planning a picnic doesn’t mean overworking yourself, spend less time planning and more time enjoying. Manoucher has a few tips for your next PICNIC

  • Get the essentials- big basket, blanket/sheet, food & of course drinks
  • Food should be easy and fun- Below are some simple, honest, fulfilling recipes
  • Ditch the chips and use more nutritious filling snacks
  • ENJOY!

Manoucher Basil loaf sandwich


As easy as 1,2,3

This recipe is fool-proof. All you need is the delicious, fragrant, flavourful all natural Manoucher Basil loaf, Bocconcini cheese, and a tomato. Simple open the hand-folded loaf and top with sliced Bocconcini and tomatoes. Then, close and enjoy!

No picnic is complete without a baguette. This super versatile bread acts like the wand of the basket-there for you to make a wish. Manoucher BAGUETTE bread is everyone’s favorite, especially for the younger ones. Its soft texture, makes it easier to get through. Did you know, Manoucher BAGUETTE bread is handcrafted into a long voluptuous flour dusted loaf, using only the FINEST, SIMPLE, HONEST ingredients!

Manoucher TEEKEH bread  makes the perfect on-the-go sandwiches. Just add Arugula, Cold Cuts, Sliced Bocconcini.


Manoucher TEEKEH makes the perfect on-the-go sandwiches. Just add Arugula, Cold Cuts, Sliced Bocconcini.


Ditch the chips

Munching on grapes is a lot more full filling than a bag of chips- and not to mention the health benefits. Manoucher breads pair amazingly with fruits. We paired Manoucher Baguette with pear, brie and a drizzle of Canadian maple syrup.



Make the most of the day! Leave all the everyday hassles behind. Just enjoy the time you have with your friends & family and really embrace the moment. Enjoy delicious foods, work those limbs and jump about- play games, appreciate the scenery and most of all remember to RELAX.


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