Manoucher Breads in Downsview Costco for 2 weeks only!

Manoucher Breads in Downsview Costco for 2 weeks only!

Find FOUR of your favorite Manoucher Breads at Downsview Costco (100 Billy Bishop Way, North York, ON M3K 2C8), at an unbelievable price of 2 for $5.99, only  for a limited time only!

From January 31st  to  February 12th 2017 Downsview Costco will have our four favorite Manoucher breads on promotion.

You will find Manoucher BARBAREE bread, Manoucher FOKACHIO bread, Manoucher SUMMER DREAM bread, and Manoucher GARLIC Bread slices.

Manoucher BARBAREE bread

#Feta, #Honey, #Butter, #BARBAREE, #TraditionalPersianBread

#Feta, #Honey, #Butter, #BARBAREE, #TraditionalPersianBread

The ancient Persian emperors would feast on this long flat bread sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

Barbaree is traditionally paired with Honey, Butter and Feta cheese. If you’re looking for a more protein packed snack, why not try Organic Peanut Butter and Sliced Banana’s.

#PB #Peanutbutter #Banana #Easysnack #ManoucherBarbaree #everydaydelicious

#PB #Peanutbutter #Banana #Easysnack #ManoucherBarbaree #everydaydelicious

 Manoucher FOKACHIO bread


A light tasting loaf, brushed with olive oil and tarragon, excellent with soups and cheeses.

This fully baked, handcrafted, wholesome loaf can be made into  a delicious Pizza. The fresh tarragon adds heaps of flavor to any pizza sauce.


Manoucher SUMMER DREAM bread

#Roasted Red Peppers, #Folded loaf

#Roasted Red Peppers, #Folded loaf

A flavourful flour dusted signature loaf folded around roasted red peppers, herbs and spices. This handcrafted loaf opens up to be filled with delicious sandwich fillers, best part is- it’s already filled with roasted red peppers so just add cold cuts, cheese or veggies.


Manoucher GARLIC bread slices

#FRESHGARLIC #HANDCRAFTED #Extravirginoliveoil

#FRESHGARLIC #HANDCRAFTED #Extravirginoliveoil

Handmade with fresh chunks of garlic and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. A garlic lover’s dream come true!

Plain and simple ingredients means it’s full of flavor. This full bodied flavor slice is even more delicious when topped with creamy cheddar cheese. Garlic cheese toast heaven!

We love hearing from our customers! Tell us what you create with Manoucher breads. Happy Shopping!

3 thoughts on “Manoucher Breads in Downsview Costco for 2 weeks only!”

  1. Hi,

    I sampled and bought several packages at Costco, I asked the lady where to find you when I need more, she told me that you have to come to our store in Toronto. Where? Is this the address? 703 Clayson Rd, North York, ON M9M 2H4, Canada
    What are the hours? Thanks.

    1. Hello, Yes this is the address of our location. However, you can always pick up Manoucher breads from Longo’s, Fortinos, Urban Sobeys and selective Metro store. Also a wide range of independent stores carry Manoucher breads. Call us to find out more. 416 747 1234.
      Have a great day!

  2. Torontoist, until this moment, hasn t spent much time talking about bread, but we ll take their word for it. One neat thing about Manoucher is that you can order their breads online!

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